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If you wish to protect your loved ones and the next generation, you must consider what kind of legacy you wish to leave behind. 

Building a robust estate plan can protect your assets, prevent unwanted outcomes, and provide you with peace of mind.

Our team at the Mt. Jackson Group can provide you with the tools you need to prepare for the future. 

Our estate planning services intersect with our financial and tax services to create a comprehensive plan that works to support all of your short- and long-term financial goals. 

We take a “big picture” approach when offering guidance and can identify and implement the estate planning solutions that will protect you throughout your lifetime and maximize what you leave behind.

Our Financial planning Lawyer in Pittsburgh can assist you with:

  • Wills. Your last will and testament will form the foundation of your estate plan and allow you to name a guardian to your minor children, beneficiaries to your assets, and a personal representative to manage your estate. Wills have significant limitations, and the document’s contents are subject to probate. We can help you prepare and update your will and incorporate it into your broader estate plan.
  • Trusts. A trust is a fiduciary relationship in which you appoint a trustee to oversee the trust’s contents for your chosen beneficiaries. Many types of trusts are available and can fulfill various purposes. Trusts are often used to distribute assets, but unlike wills, they are private and not generally subject to probate. Other types of trusts can be used to achieve asset protection and shield resources from creditors. Trusts are highly flexible and customizable, and our team can help you explore your options. We can also assist trustees or serve as your trust administrators.
  • Powers of Attorney. Powers of attorney authorizations allow you to appoint someone else to manage your affairs on your behalf should you ever become incapacitated. You determine the scope of your agent’s powers. We can help you prepare and execute the necessary authorizations.
  • Medical Directives. If you are hospitalized and unable to communicate, advance medical directives allow you to dictate what types of care you wish to receive or not receive. Your medical power of attorney can help enforce these directives, which might include instructions for resuscitation, certain types of medication, and end-of-life care. We can draft and validate your directives.
  • Probate. A deceased person’s estate must be settled with the appropriate probate court. Probate is an expensive, time-consuming, and strenuous process that often burdens grieving loved ones. Creditor claims and will contests can lead to litigation and prolong an already protracted process. We can determine if your loved one’s estate qualifies for streamlined probate procedures and assist personal representatives with fulfilling their responsibilities, including resolving any conflicts that may arise.
  • Medicaid Planning. Many Americans will eventually need long-term care, but nursing homes and other assisted living facilities are often prohibitively expensive. Medicaid covers expenses associated with long-term care, but qualifying for benefits requires meeting strict income and asset limits. To avoid having to “spend down,” you will need to take steps to prepare for Medicaid eligibility. Our firm can help you make a plan for achieving and maintaining eligibility.
  • Tax Planning. Income and estate taxes can be a significant drain on resources, especially if you pay more than you need to. Many taxpayers take the “standard deduction” for sake of convenience and end up leaving considerable savings on the table. High-net-worth individuals may also be hit with a sizable federal estate tax when they pass away, limiting intended inheritances. Our experienced team, which includes a certified public accountant (CPA), can help you minimize the impact of income and estate taxes.
  • Asset Protection and Transfers. Creditor claims, litigation, and judgments can jeopardize your assets and resources. Asset protection vehicles work to maintain financial privacy, deter legal action, and limit personal liability. We can help you leverage the appropriate vehicles and strategically transfer assets to protect your estate.

It is never too early to start thinking about your estate plan. Contact us online or call (724) 305-2215 to schedule a free initial consultation with our estate planning attorney in Pittsburgh.

How to Find an Estate Planning Attorney

When you're trying to find an estate planning attorney, it's important to make sure you're working with lawyers who specialize in your needs. If you're looking to set up long-term care or maximize benefits like Medicaid, estate planning attorneys who are familiar with elder law might be necessary. If your estate includes financial interests overseas, international estate planning attorneys are more your speed. 

Most importantly, if your estate includes property or income in multiple jurisdictions or states, you'll need an estate planning attorney near you who is licensed to practice in all of those locations.

Once you know what kind of estate planning attorney you're looking for, create a list of candidates and interview a handful to figure out if they best suit your needs. Communication between an estate planning attorney and a client is crucial, so find out how your candidates like to communicate. Check out fees, opportunities for free consultation and time limits to find an estate planning attorney near you. 

Your wishes and goals will inevitably evolve as you grow older and your situation changes. You will need to regularly review and update your estate plan to ensure your documents support your current objectives. A marriage, divorce, or new child are examples of “life events” that should trigger an evaluation of your estate plan. Significant changes in financial circumstances may also warrant shifts in priorities and strategies. Even if you experience no significant changes, we advise our clients to assess their plans every few years.

Our Pittsburgh estate planning lawyer and CPA are prepared to serve as your legal partner throughout your lifetime. We can help you make any necessary changes to your documents. Our team at the Mt. Jackson Group also integrates our estate planning with our financial and tax services and will work to preserve and grow your resources. We are committed to providing professional and knowledgeable guidance and meeting all of your planning needs.

Leave a lasting legacy for the next generation with our help. Contact us online or call (724) 305-2215 to explore your options.

Create an Estate Plan Today

No matter your age or financial circumstances, every adult needs an estate plan, even if you are young and healthy. Consider what would happen if you were involved in an accident and were abruptly hospitalized and incapacitated. Who would watch over your minor children? Who would pay your bills or make decisions about your care? Who would receive your assets were you to pass away?

A well-designed estate plan can help you answer all of these questions and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our Pittsburgh estate planning attorney and CPA can give you the personalized and tailored attention you need to effectively prepare for the future. 

The Foundation of Our Practice

  • Protective
    Our approach is to maximize your assets and provide long-term financial well-being for the next generation of your family.
  • Supportive
    No matter how small you think your assets are, we will provide maximization strategies and support you every step of the way.
  • Proactive
    We encourage clients to start the estate planning process as soon as possible in order to take full advantage of the long term benefits.

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