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You deserve the confidence in knowing that your assets and wealth are safe from predatory creditors and unnecessarily litigious opponents. Asset protection allows you to take steps to safeguard many types of property and insulate elements of your personal estate from legal action.

Our Pittsburgh asset protection lawyer and CPA are dedicated to protecting the sum of your life’s work. At Mt. Jackson Group, we evaluate the whole picture when determining how best to protect your estate. Our team includes a certified public accountant (CPA) that can advise how to grow and maximize the value of your assets. We understand what is at stake and are committed to providing the diligent guidance you need when preparing for the future.

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What Does Asset Protection Accomplish?

Your assets and financial resources could be at risk if you become involved in any type of legal conflict. While no one expects to be the subject of a lawsuit, keep in mind that you could face legal action if you owe a debt or become involved in a contentious divorce.

Effective asset protection aims to deter and minimize the efficacy of lawsuits, judgments, divorces, and other types of creditor claims. Strategic planning can put key lucrative assets out of the legal reach of creditors and/or other interested parties. In other words, it creates a situation where a party is less likely to pursue a lawsuit or some other form of legal action. This occurs because the litigating party understands that they will likely be unable to secure your resources even if they win and receive a judgment.

Asset protection can also provide you with enhanced privacy. When assets are placed in certain types of vehicles, they are legally separated from your personal finances. This can potentially produce numerous estate planning and tax advantages, but it also has the added benefit of reducing public exposure. This can help you safely conceal your net worth from predatory creditors while maintaining control of your assets.

It should be noted that asset protection methods should be carefully evaluated and executed by knowledgeable legal professionals. Asset protection techniques are entirely legal, but mishandling can lead to charges of concealment, fraud, or tax evasion. Our Pittsburgh asset protection attorney understands how to safely and lawfully engage in asset protection and can review the options that are available to you.

Asset Protection Vehicles

Many types of asset protection strategies are available. The types of vehicles you will need will depend on your specific circumstances and the types of assets you are seeking to protect.

Common examples of asset protection vehicles include:

  • Joint Ownership. In some situations, simply jointly owning an asset with another party can help you protect that asset from claims and judgments. For example, say you have joint ownership of a piece of real estate with another party. A creditor seeks to place a lien on the property. Because the property is jointly owned, the creditor will not be able to place the lien, as they have no claim on the other party’s stake in the asset. The creditor would only be able to place a lien if they had claims against both parties.
  • Trusts. A trust is a fiduciary relationship in which the trust creator – the “trustor” – appoints a trustee to manage the trust’s assets on behalf of its chosen beneficiaries. Trusts come in many forms and are highly customizable. Irrevocable trusts can be especially useful for purposes of asset protection, as assets placed in these arrangements are generally shielded from creditor claims and judgments. 
  • Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs). An FLP is a legal entity that allows family members to contribute resources and collaborate on a business venture. These vehicles provide gift and estate tax protection, and they can facilitate tax-free gift transfers of wealth and other assets up to a certain annual limit. Contents of an FLP are also generally protected from creditors.
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). An LLC is another type of legal business entity that can help you protect your personal assets. In most circumstances, creditors can only go after an LLC’s assets, not yours. You will typically only be risking assets that you have personally invested in the LLC.

In some cases, offshore asset protection may be necessary. This will involve establishing accounts, entities, and structures in foreign countries that have a history of protecting personal assets from legal claims. Our Pittsburgh asset protection lawyers at the Mt. Jackson Group can assess whether these types of measures are necessary and guide you through the process of establishing the appropriate mechanisms. 

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Our goal is to provide your estate with robust protection and peace of mind. When you come to our firm, we will carefully review your asset holdings and work to understand any immediate concerns as well as your tolerance for risk. From there, we can identify and implement asset protection tools that support your objectives and assist with the meticulous and strategic transfer of assets into the vehicles that make the most sense for your situation. Our team can help you make any necessary adjustments to your asset protection plan as your circumstances change. 

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